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The World of Soil.
For over 40 years I have been interested in soil. As a child I was captivated when my first lettuce seeds sprang to life from it. As a young man I was entharalled to discover the inter-relationship of minerals, chemicals and life that make up our soil, and now in maturity it still fascinates me. I see it as one of our most undervalued living resources, and I deplore those civil engineers and others who see it only as "muck to be shifted"

Soil, like water, is the source of all life on the planet. It needs to be nurtured and cared for just like your plants themselves. Without it there would be no plants, and therfore no oxygen and thus no animals. It is a mystery that even to-day we are nowhere near fully understanding, and it has a magic that is unsurpassed. You only need to watch a seed springing to life in a pot of soil to be amazed at the marvel of nature.

So this part of my website is dedicated to Soil. A lifelong interest and a little knowledge combine in the hope that sharing information and experiences across the planet will bring better understanding to us all.

The golden buttons on the left will take you on a tour through lots of different soils. The first four, (formation, care, pH & acidity, and plant foods) lead to information collected, assembled or in a few cases discovered by me during my lifetime.

The last one, Soil Links takes you to "The Worldwide Soil Jumpstation" a collection of the best few hundred websites in the world that are about soil. A repository of all that is known, from simple gardening tips to complex scientific studies and research.

The Jumpstation is well worth a look, and has brought me many friends across the world.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

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