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The answer lies in the soil.
Soil is made up of ground up fragments of rock. The smallest of these might be microscopic. Soil also contains decaying organic matter, water, and air. It is “home” for roots, seeds, spores, insects, fungi, bacteria, worms and other organisms.

Your garden soil has delicately balanced life chains which are probably more important than the plant and animal life chains that depend on it for their existence. The soil life chains are easily damaged, especially by machinery or through waterlogging. Understanding your soil is crucial to successful gardening and, in the longer term, the survival of mankind.

Learning and knowing about your soil is the ultimate key to success. This section on formation looks at basic principles:

Where does soil come from
The mineral particles
The effect of particle sizes
Organic material
Soil inhabitants
Soil analysis
Soil composition
Characteristics of different soil types

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